How to fight competition in digital banking with an improved UX?

Help your customers remember where payments took place

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We believe that customers should never be anxious when checking their payments, that’s why we developed Woosmap Merchant API, to reinforce customer’s trust with your brand. 

Woosmap Merchant API is a Rest API that helps customers understand their payments and where it took place.

Woosmap Merchant API provides a clear name of a transaction, the logo of the brand, the location where payment has been made in Europe, North America and Asia,  and in option, the details of the merchant (phone number, address, ratings...).


Cutting edge customer experience

  • Improve UX with enriched data for Europe, North America and Asia
  • Reduce customer anxiety with easy-to-recognize transaction 
  • Up to 90% of the transaction volume covered (logo cleaning and geolocation)

Dispute prevention

  • Reduce Customer Support contacts by 50% related to unrecognised transactions, offering transaction clarity
  • Improve Data quality with clear name and logo of merchant
  • Reduce customer dispute with indication where the payments took place

Robust and easy to implement

  • Unlimited caching policy
  • A 2 weeks sprint average implementation is fast and affordable
  • A version-less API to ensure a long-lasting solution

Fancy to test 100 cleaned names and logos?

" Our customers are teenagers and their parents: it’s crucial for both that payment names are very clear, otherwise unrecognised transactions create friction within the family!

Woosmap Merchant API helps us to clarify where a payment has been done, and softening relationships between teenagers and their parents about money."

Scott Gordon
Co-founder & CEO of Kard

Woosmap: Geolocation Leader on top of cleaning transaction

Woosmap is an innovative platform which allows you to combine several geographic APIs. By implementing Woosmap Merchant API with Google Maps Places, you can you can leverage ratings, reviews, contact information, website url and improve your customers' digital journey.

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