Woosmap Startup Program


When you are a startup, a locator, as part of a product is critical to find your product-market fit. That’s why we’ve developed a Startup Program to reduce risk, while discovering your product-market fit, by offering additional free credits.

If you are eligible, you will get an additional 20k free credits per month, to your Pro Woosmap account, for the next 12 months. 

In addition, every end of quarter, we select a couple of startups that would benefit of a totally free account for one year, plus:
  • Devrel technical meetings and optimisation workshops, 
  • Direct access to the product team for product feedbacks,
  • 30 days data cache allowed,
  • Promotion on Woosmap communication channels. 
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Geolocation API and SDK


  • Created less than One Year 
  • Have raised less than 2M$€£
  • A website, at least a landing page
  • Have created a Pro account on Woosmap
  • A short pitch (200 words)
  • Accept to give a public review on the use of Woosmap
  • Agree to let Woosmap mention logo+name in its communication

Ease of use, well documented, the support is quick

So far, so good. I've not found anything that's not on par with my expectations

Reasons for Switching to Woosmap: Costs saving


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Woosmap Startup Program